City Transitions

Cities are the key to implementing global climate and development goals. They are not only drivers of climate change, but also offer great potential for the integrated management of climate change and its consequences. However, this requires social, environmental, and economic change as well as a strong commitment from the entire global community.

“Sustainable urban development is therefore an essential field of action of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and is one of three areas of intervention in its core area strategy “Responsibility for Our Planet – Climate and Energy”. In addition to sustainable urban development, the area of intervention includes mobility and circular economy. The goal of German development cooperation is to make cities sustainable, climate-neutral, resilient and liveable for all. 

The principle of “Just Transition” is a guiding principle for the work of the BMZ in the context of sustainable urban development: Just Transition is relevant in all urban thematic areas such as construction, urban infrastructure, energy, water, mobility, circular economy and nature-based solutions and can be linked to local employment promotion and digitalisation. Through such an integrated approach to sustainable and integrated urban development in the partner countries, synergies can be identified and implemented.

The aspired transformation in the urban sectors is navigated through intentional governance, planning and financing mechanisms that integrate the necessary contributions to climate adaption in line with social and economic needs of communities. Alongside new climate-friendly employment opportunities, efficient social security systems play an important role in cities.

The broad spectrum of sustainable urban development is also reflected in the work of the BMZ. City Transitions provides a comprehensive overview of the BMZ’s activities, resources and events on sustainable urban development, mobility and circular economy.

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