“Building Impact” in Moldova: Improving lives through construction

With construction measures ranging from tiny to huge, the Construction Section of GIZ contributes directly to a better quality of life both in urban and rural societies all over the world. Taking Moldova as an example of our aim to “build impact”, we show how Moldovans profit from energy-efficient renovations of existing buildings as well as infrastructure measures. Join us as we show some pictures, tell stories from the (sometimes unbelievable) reality of Moldovan construction sites, and engage in a discussion on how we can use construction to create a better life for all.
Moderator: Laura Diefenthal, Junior Communication Specialist of the Section “Construction in IC” (G230)
Speaker #1: Adrian Stranzenbach: Consultant Construction (G230); currently based in Moldova
Speaker #2: Patricia Hofmann, Head of Section “Construction in IC” (G230)

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