GIZ Urban Climate Resilience Toolbox | Pre-Launch Session

This session offers a preview of the GIZ Urban Climate Resilience Toolbox. Designed to empower policymakers, practitioners, and enthusiasts in the field with up to 100 GIZ’s Urban Climate Resilience approaches in 30 different countries, this work in progress will soon be published on the AC.net website. 

During the pre-launch, we’ll be delving into the toolbox’s potential to promote best practices and support project implementation and knowledge exchange. We invite GIZ colleagues to share their first reactions on how it can pave the way for replication and scaling up successful approaches.

Moderation: Joao Vitor Krieger
Speaker #1: Gabriela Amorim (CitiesAdapt)
Speaker #2: Phillip Reviere (FMB)

Please note that this event is for GIZ employees only. 

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