ISCN Global Mixer: Citizen Science and Smart Cities

With its‘ „ISCN Global Mixer“ the International Smart Cities Network of GIZ brings you a wide spectrum of selected Smart City topics in less than 30 minutes. Fresh and innovative ideas, as well as out-of-the-box-content or experimental approaches from the very frontier of Smart City development await you. Join the curiosity!

This time:
Data is one of the key resources for the development of common good-oriented Smart Cities. And yet on so many aspects of urban and environmental reality actual and sensibly collected data is still massively lacking to make good for the many promises invoked. So let’s turn to the best “sensors” any city will ever have – its’ citizens! We will have a short and focused look into citizen science and how it can enhance Smart City development.

INVOLVED: Moritz Müller, Bürger schaffen Wissen (tbc)

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