Online Course: An Introduction to Gender and Mobility in Emerging Economies

This 4-week online course tackles the important issue of why and how gender influences people’s mobility needs, and the types of transport systems that can serve these. At first glance, transport infrastructure and services can seem gender neutral. Discover why this is not the case, and how this negatively impacts women and other marginalized groups. 

  • Week 1: Do women’s needs matter in mobility and transport 
  • Week 2: What are women’s mobility patterns and needs? 
  • Week 3: Women working in mobility and transport 
  • Week 4: Collecting data that supports gender-sensitive decision-making 

The course is 100% digital, set up in a self-paced learning format, smart-phone friendly and free. Learn when and where you want!

Primary course lecturer: Gail Jennings  

Guest lecturers & interview guests: Winnie Sambu, Alisha Myers, Taibat Lawanson, Jim Walker, SafetiPin, Nour El Deeb, Marcela Guerrero-Casas, Flo Matsibisa, Raashi Saena, Shradha Gupta, Safra Anver, Sonal Shah, Marcela Guerrero Casas, Geetam Tiwari, Natasha Zelkifli, Aggie Kolla, Irene Namuyiga, Irene Mulunjwana, and more

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