WOPs: Peer Partnerships between municiple service providers as catalysts for resilient urban development – best practice from the water and solid waste sector

The New Urban Agenda of the United Nations emphasises the importance of effective municipal enterprises for sustainable, climate-resilient and inclusive urban development. The Member States are committed to taking measures that will strengthen the performance capability of water and solid waste utilities.

German municipal utilities in both sectors have the potential and are willing to participate in the effort of strengthening the local delivery of urban basic services in partner countries. They possess knowledge, skills and experience needed on the ground. Through peer-to-peer partnerships (Water Operators` Partnerships – WOPs and Solid Waste Operator Partnerships – SWOPS) mentee utilities obtain field-tested know-how on operational, technical, financial and management aspect of urban basic service delivery.

In this session we will introduce the (S)WOPs approach, explore benefits, and provide helpful advice on framing and financing WOPs and SWOPs in your GIZ project.

Moderator: Lisa Engler
Åsa Jonsson, Head of GWOPA/UN-Habitat tbc
Franziska Volk, Associate Expert, GWOPA/ UN-Habitat
Heiko Heidemann, AV/project lead of the Utility Platform at GIZ

As this is a GIZ-internal Event, you cannot find the MS Teams Link in the calendar invitation. Lisa Engler will be glad to invite you to this event, if you just write her a quick E-Mail saying “Please invite me to the Urban October Event of the Utility Platform”.

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