WED 05.10.2022 / 10:00-10:30 AM (CEST)


with Inspirational Talk by Lior Steinberg on “Transforming cities for a liveable future for all”

For our fifth anniversary of the Urban October at GIZ, we planned a special opening ceremony. Martha Gutierrez, the director of department G400 Global Policy, Governance and Cities has opened the event month. Accompanied by Carmen Vogt, the head of division G430 Cities, who set a thematic frame about the GIZ’s work regarding sustainable urban development. For our main act of the event, we invited urban planner, founder of Humankind and TedEx speaker Lior Steinberg. He gave an inspirational talk about “Transforming cities for a liveable future for all” and set the tone for the upcoming events in the Urban October 2022 at GIZ.

ORGANISER: Sector Programme Cities (GIZ)
INVOLVED: Lior Steinberg (Co-Founder, Humankind), Martha Gutierrez (Director of Department Global Policy, Governance, Cities, GIZ), Carmen Vogt (Head of Division Cities, GIZ)