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Responsibility for Our Planet – Climate and Energy: The Core Area Strategy of The BMZ

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges the world is facing and limiting its extent requires a massive concerted effort on the part of the global community. Industrialised countries bear special responsibility when it comes to protecting the world’s climate. Nevertheless, the temperature goals set in the Paris Agreement cannot be met without decisive action in emerging economies and developing countries. To meet those temperature goals we need to achieve climate neutrality by mid-century and rapidly reduce emissions on the way to achieving that goal. The challenges faced include adapting to the impacts of climate change and aligning global public and private financial flows with climate-neutral and resilient development trajectories. Countries in the Global South are  particularly hard hit by the consequences of climate change. Given that some of these impacts are already unavoidable, systematic adaptation to climate change needs to happen now. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which the global community set itself with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development can only be achieved by limiting the extent of climate change. […]

Year of Publication: 2021
Format: Publication
Language: English
Website: BMZ_Kernthemenstrategie_Klima_Energie_EN_Screen.pdf
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