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Sustainable Development of Urban Regions (SURE): Profiles of projects GreenCityLabHuế, IMECOGIP, Myrisk, FloodAdaptVN and PolyUrbanWaters

GreenCityLabHuế: Strengthening climate resilience of urban regions in Central Vietnam through nature-based solutions for heat adaptation and air quality improvement
IMECOGIP: Implementation of the ecosystem service concept in green infrastructure planning to strengthen the resilience of the Metropole Ruhr and Chinese megacities
MYrisk: Multiple risks management of extreme events in fast growing (mega)cities in Myanmar
FloodAdaptVN: Integrating ecosystem-based approaches into flood risk management for adaptive and sustainable urban development in Central Viet Nam
PolyUrbanWaters: Polycentric approaches to the management of urban water resources in Southeast Asia

Year of Publication: 2021
Format: Factsheet
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